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About me:
I was a third generation JW born in Arizona. I am widowed and have 4 children, all grown.
Phoenix Arizona
Political views:
citizen of the unive
Religious views:
My activities mostly seem to revolve around my work, i.e. students, recitals, musician friends, small gigs............and sitting at my computer reading here. On my todo list would be getting off my butt and going exploring and catching some archeological dig someplace.
music......of course, sewing and crafts and ancient history.
Favorite Music:
I am most drawn to Celtic music and that is good because there is a lot of fiddle music in that genre! I also like classic as in Bach but also as in Classic Rock! I have moved with the music and also like Alternative rock but draw the line at Rap.....it's just not musical enough for me.
Favorite TV Shows:
Loved Firefly, Stargate and Stargate Atlantis, Weeds, House, Science and history documentary stuff
Favorite Movies:
LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones 1- 4, the Mummy 1 & 2 (it's just fun and Brendan Fraser is adoreable), I'm sure there's more but those are my 'feel good' movies.
Favorite Books:
Julian Mays Intervention/Galactic Milieu/Pleistocene series ~ 10 books in all! All Graham Hancock books, Andrew Collins: Ashes of Angels/God's of Eden, Charles Hapgoods "Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings", Juliet Marilier the Seven Waters series, Tad Williams: The Dragon Bone Chair series and War of the Flowers........there's more......I love to read!
Favorite Quotes:
Oh hell........there's so many. I'll get back to you on that but for now the Wiccan rede suffices: Harm none........do what ye will

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violin/fiddle teacher

My Hobbies

hiking, reading,sewing, drawing, and of course, all kinds of music

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